What is a 'Starred category'?

If you use some categories frequently in your documentation, move them to Starred and access them easily. This feature is similar to the favorites section and applicable only in the Knowledge base portal.


You can star categories, subcategories, and articles.

Accessing "Starred" categories

All the starred categories are added to Starred page in the Documentation.


Go to Documentation ( ) > Starred, and you can view all the previously 'Starred' categories in the selected workspace and language.

Star a category

Follow the instructions below to add a category to "Starred". Click here for information about category types available in Document360.


  1. Go to the desired category in the Documentation ( ) section.
  2. Click the "☆" icon next to the category title.
    Click the "☆" icon when you hover over the subcategory in the Index overview.

How to remove a category from starred?

There are two ways to remove a category from "Starred".

Method 1 - From the Index overview


  1. Go to the desired category page in the Documentation.

  2. Click the '★' icon next to the category page title (or) the subcategory title in the Index overview.

Method 2 - From the "Starred" page


In this method, you can remove multiple categories from "Starred".

  1. Go to Documentation ( ) > Starred.
    The list of starred categories appears.

  2. Select the checkbox adjacent to the desired categories.

  3. Click the Remove from starred option.