Creating a new Team account group


To create Team account groups in your project,

  1. From the Knowledge base portal navigate to Settings > Users & security > Team accounts & groups > Team account groups (tab)
  2. Click the "New team account group" button and "Create team account group" popup appears


  1. Enter the name and description for the group
  2. Add a collective portal role for the group
  3. Choose the content role for the group and choose the level of content access you want the associated Team accounts to hold
  4. Click the "Next" button
  5. Add Team accounts you want to associate to the group
  6. Click the "Create team account group"

Edit or Delete a Team account group

Hover over the Team account group in the Overview page. The "Edit" icon and "Delete" icon appears. Click on each button to perform the respective operations.

13_Screenshot-Team_account_groups_Edit _or_delete