The access to your project's knowledge base content can be defined at an entire project, workspace, or language level. Access for the team accounts and groups can be turned on or off at each version or language level per your requirement.

Accessing content role & access

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Settings → Users & Security → Content access
  2. You can view each level of workspaces and languages available in the project
  3. On the right side of the screen, you can find the "Manage content access"
  4. The existing content access set for Team accounts and Team account groups is available
  5. Click the "Assign project access" button, and a popup appears
  6. Using this option, you can assign complete project-level access to existing Team accounts and Team account groups
  7. Hover over the Team accounts or groups, and three icons appear: "Edit," "Deny," and "Remove." Click on the required icon to perform the respective function
  8. You can filter the Team account data available on this page using the "Filter" button at the top or by clicking on the tree-view workspace and language selection displayed on the left side

Block inherited accounts

When you turn on the "Block inherited accounts" toggle, all the inherited and future Team accounts cannot access the workspace or language except your Team account as you have performed the block inheritance.