Translation option with bulk operations
  • 22 Sep 2022
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Translation option with bulk operations

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Want to translate multiple articles in one instance?
We got you covered with the Bulk operations feature. When you have a multi-lingual knowledge base, you would have to translate the articles often. With the Bulk operations feature, you can translate the content of multiple articles to the desired language in one swift action.

How to perform machine translation for multiple articles?

1 Screenshot - Need translation in Bulk operations

  1. Go to Content toolsDocumentationBulk operations

  2. Select the desired version and language

  3. Click the Need translation option, and all the articles in Need translation status are narrowed down
    3 Screenshot - Mark as translated in Bulk operations

  4. Select the articles that you want to translate

  5. Click Machine translate and Translate confirmation prompt appears

  6. Type in 'yes' and click Yes

  7. Machine translation in progress prompt appears. You can also navigate to other modules during the translation is ongoing

  8. Once the translation is done, the Completed prompt message appears

Markdown article

When you perform machine translation for a Markdown article, it will be automatically converted to the WYSIWYG editor. This switch of editors is not reversible.

  • The Need translation status is available only for non-default languages of your version
  • When a new language is added to a version, all the articles would appear with the Need translation status by default

Translation actions that can be performed in Bulk operations

  • Translated to Need translation
  • Need translation to Translated
  • Machine translate

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