Webhook notification channel
  • 03 May 2023
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Webhook notification channel

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Article Summary

What is a webhook?

A webhook is a simple way to send data. In this case, you can send notifications from Document360 to the desired webhook. Document360 allows you to set up a custom connection to your services/applications with the webhook configuration. Note that configuring webhooks is a more advanced option requiring HTTP knowledge.

How to add a webhook notification channel?

With Document360, you can send the Knowledge base portal, Knowledge base assistant, and Knowledge base site notifications to the configured webhook channel.


  1. Go to SettingsKnowledge base portalNotificationsNotification channels
  2. Click New Channel
  3. Select Webhook and click Next
  4. Type the desired channel name in the Friendly name field
  5. Select POST or PUT in the Request Method dropdown
  6. Type the webhook URL of the desired application in the Webhook URL field
  7. Select the desired request message format in the Request content dropdown
  8. If required, add additional headers to include in the request with the Add new (⊕) button of the Default headers option
  9. If required, add the Authorization key needed to pass to the receiving application in an authorization header

Read more about Request Header here

  1. Click Save

A new notification channel for the provided webhook is added. Now you can navigate to the Notification mapping tab to map the desired notifications with the webhook application.

For more information about notification mapping, see the Notification mapping article.

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