A webhook is a way of sending real-time information from one application to another application as soon as a specific event occurs. In Document360, you can share the notifications via the webhook application and configure them.

Notifications for the Knowledge base portal, Knowledge base site, and the Knowledge base widget can be configured in the webhook channel.

Webhook notification channel: setup


  1. Go to "Settings -> Knowledge base portal -> Notifications -> Notification channels"

  2. Click "New channel"

  3. In the Available channels blade, select "Webhook" and click "Next"

    The Channel configuration blade appears

  4. In the "Friendly name" field box, enter your webhook channel name

  5. In the Request method dropdown, select POST and PUT, where the HTTP request method is used to call the webHook

  6. In the Webhook URL, enter the desired webhook URL of the application

  7. Select the desired message content type for the Request content

  8. If necessary, click the Add new (⊕) option in Default headers to provide any additional headers

  9. Additionally, if required, enter the Authorization key in the authorization field

  10. Click "Save"

Learn more about Request header

A new notification channel has been created with your friendly name respectively. Now, navigate to the Notification mapping tab to map the requirement configurations with the webhook applications.