Slack notification channel
  • 03 May 2023
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Slack notification channel

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Article Summary

This article explains how to set up a Slack notification channel in Document360. It involves three steps: choosing/adding an app in Slack, getting the webhook URL, and configuring the webhook URL in Document360. Once configured, users can navigate to the Notification mapping tab to map desired notifications with the Slack application. The Knowledge base portal is where project members create categories, articles, templates and manage files, team accounts and readers. It also allows them to set up branding, domain security and more for their Knowledge base site which end users access to read articles and find helpful answers.

What is Slack?

Slack is an instant messaging app for teams that can create company-wide channels or message co-workers privately. You can use Slack as a web, desktop, or mobile application.

Document360 Slack notifications

With Document360, you can send the Knowledge base portal, Knowledge base assistant, and Knowledge base site notifications to the desired Slack channel.

How to add a Slack notification channel?

Configuring a Slack notification channel in Document360 involves the below three steps:

Choose/Add an app in Slack

  1. Log in to the Slack website

  2. Go to the Your Apps page and a list of existing apps appears.
    You can either configure an existing app or create a new app.

How to create a new app in Slack?

  • Click Create New App and a popup appears
  • Select From scratch (or) From an app manifest, and proceed in the desired way
  • Once you create the app, it appears in the app list
  1. Click on the desired app in the list

Get the webhook URL


  1. In the left menu, click Incoming WebHooks under Features
  2. Ensure that the Activate Incoming Webhooks toggle is On
  3. You can find the existing WebHook URLs at the bottom of the page (if available).
    You can also generate a new webhook URL if required

How to generate a Slack webhook URL?

  • Click the Add New Webhook to Workspace button
  • Select the channel where you want to post the notification and click Allow
  • The webhook URL is added to the list
  1. Click the Copy button to copy the desired webhook URL and paste it into your desired space
Posting notifications
  • The app of the webhook URL posts the notification in the channel
  • The channel mentioned next to the webhook URL in the list receives the notifications

For more information, check Slack’s documentation for locating the Webhook URL in your Slack application

Configure the webhook URL in Document360


  1. Navigate to the desired project in Document360

  2. Click SettingsKnowledge base portalNotificationsNotification channels

  3. Click New Channel

  4. Select Slack and click Next

  5. Type the desired channel name in the Friendly name field

  6. Paste the Slack webhook URL in the Webhook URL field

Paste the webhook URL copied in Step 7.

  1. Click Save

A new notification channel for Slack is added. Now you can navigate to the Notification mapping tab to map the desired notifications with the Slack application.

For more information about notification mapping, see the Notification mapping article.

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