You can manage and generate SEO descriptions for multiple articles/category pages in the same workspace and language.

  1. Navigate to Content toolsDocumentationSEO description
  2. Select the desired version from the project version dropdown
  3. Ensure that the selected language is English
  4. All the articles and category pages in the selected version and language appear
Preprocessed word count

The preprocessed word count appears next to the article/category page name. You can generate meta descriptions only for the articles and category pages with a preprocessed word count of more than 200.

  1. You can use the filter options at the top:
    1. Meta description
      • Available - Articles with meta description
      • Not available - Articles without meta description
    2. Category - Filter the articles by category or subcategory
    3. Contributor - Filter the articles by contributors
    4. Tags - Filter the articles with the tags
    5. Updated on - Filter the articles updated within a time frame or a specific range of dates
  2. Hover over the desired articles/category pages, and a checkbox appears adjacent to the article/category page name
  3. Select the checkbox of the desired articles and category pages
  4. Click the Generate SEO description button, and a confirmation prompt appears
  5. Click Yes in the confirmation prompt

If you have selected articles with a preprocessed word count of less than 200, the below confirmation prompt appears.

Type 'yes' in the field and click Yes

  1. A summary blade appears on the right with the progress details (Wait for a few seconds)

You can also navigate to other modules during this process.

  1. Once the meta description is generated for the selected articles, close the blade
  2. Click the Save button on the top right