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  • 01 Sep 2022
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Article bottom

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Accessing Article bottom

In this section, you can choose the details which have to be displayed at the bottom of the articles on the knowledge base site.

article bottom edit list

  1. From the knowledge base portal, go to SettingsKnowledge base siteArticle settings
  2. Under Article bottom, you can access the below options:
  • Show article comments
  • Show feedback form
  • Show Previous/Next navigations
Changes made in Article bottom settings would be applied to every article and category page in the project.

article bottom details

1. Show article comments

To allow comments at the bottom of articles.


Follow the below steps to add the comments section in the articles:

  • Turn on the Show article comments toggle
  • Integrate Disqus with Document360
Disqus Integration
Learn how to set up integration with Disqus and allow comments on individual articles in Publishing an Article.

You can also allow comments for individual articles:

  • Go to the desired article and click the Article settings icon on the top right. The Settings blade appears on the right
  • Under general, select the checkbox of the Allow comments and click Save

This checkbox is selected by default.

How to comment on an article?

  • Go to the desired article in the Knowledge base site
  • On the bottom, you can find the comment section
  • Login to Disqus, and start adding comments

2. Show feedback form

To add feedback at the bottom of the articles.


  • When toggled on, all articles include a feedback form at the bottom of articles. You can access the Feedback in the analytics section (Analytics → Feedback)
  • When a user hits a thumbs up or thumbs down button, a feedback form appears with the fields Name (optional), Email (optional), and feedback
    • If the user adds any feedback in the feedback field and clicks the Submit button, the name, email, and provided feedback information are retrieved
    • When a user clicks on Skip, only the thumbs up/thumbs down is retrieved
    • When a logged-in user (team account/reader account) provides feedback, the name and email are automatically filled and the user can only enter the feedback

3. Show Previous/Next navigations

When toggled on, previous and next article navigation is displayed at the bottom.


  • In the first article of the knowledge base, only Next article appears at the bottom
  • In the last article of the knowledge base, only Previous article appears at the bottom
Category page

Only the articles and category pages appear in the previous/next navigation section.
Index and Folder category types are not shown in the previous/next navigation section.


How to localize the variables text that appears at the bottom of the article?

You can localize the below variables text appears at the bottom of the article:

  • Was this article helpful?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Comments
  • Submit
  • Thank you for your feedback
  • Any additional feedback
  • Skip
  • Previous
  • Next
  • Optional


  1. Go to SettingsKnowledge base portalLocalization & VersionsLocalization variables
  2. Select the desired language in the Select language section
  3. Expand the Article bottom section
  4. Update the desired text(s)

By default, the variables texts are localized to the respective language.

  1. Click Save

The localization variables are not to be confused with the Content reuse (Variables and Snippets) in Document360.

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