Article tags
  • 11 Jun 2021
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Article tags

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Article tags are keywords related to your article that end users might use while searching your knowledge base. Tags can also be used internally to filter articles when using All content (Bulk operations).

Article tags vs. File tags

Earlier article tags and file tags were two different entities. Now we have a Tag manager to manage all tags universally in your project (meaning the same tag can be used for articles, category pages, and Drive files)
The one difference is that the file tags, used in Drive, are attached to files and are only searchable internally in the Drive by project team members.

Adding tag(s) to an article or category page

  1. At the top right of the documentation editor, open Article Settings, scroll down and open the Tags dropdown
  2. Create a new tag or choose an existing one by searching for and then selecting it from a dropdown of relevant matches
  3. Press Return/Enter or click on the tag
  4. When you're done adding the necessary tags, click Save


Click here to know about the different methods you can use to add Tags to the Tag library

Tag name guidelines

Make sure you follow the below guidelines when you create a new tag and add it to the Tag library.

Tag name character limit

The tag character limit with spaces is 30.

Tags name can contain

• Upper and lowercase characters (Multi-language support)
• Numbers
• Spaces
• Selective special characters _ + - @ # % ^ & ! ()

Tag name cannot contain

• Special characters \ / : * ? " <> |

Tags POV

• Reader point-of-view

Once you add tags to an article or category page and publish it, this is how it would look for a reader.


The reader can click on the tag and all the article/category pages with that particular tag would be listed.


• Team member point-of-view

The team members in your project can use these tags to search, filter out and perform bulk operations on the article or category pages.


Remove tag(s) in an article or category page

  1. At the top right of the documentation editor, open Article Settings
  2. Open the Tags dropdown
  3. Click the X next to the tag you want to remove
  4. Click Save


Tag manager

For all other tag related settings in your project you can use the Tag manager (Settings → Project admin → Tags)
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