To access the Manage tags overview page, go to Content tools → Documentation -> Tags

Here is a breakdown of the different aspects of the Tag manager page

1. Create Tag

Add new Tags to your project, which you can later associate with articles, category pages, and files.

2. Search by Tag name

Use this field to filter out and search for already added Tags in your project. Type in the keyword and the relevant Tag result is filtered out below.

3. Tag dependency

You can view information such as how many instances the Tag has been added to articles, category pages, and files. When you click on the number data, you can view a blade window on the right with in-depth information about the version, language, article, and contributor who added that Tag.

4. Multiple Tag selection

You can select various Tags from the list to perform a bulk operation. When you choose one or more Tags, the Remove Tags from Articles, Category (page), and Files option(s) appear on the top right.

5. Export Tags

You can export all the Tags in your project to a CSV (.csv) file (Comma Separated Value). You can either export all the tags in your project or select ones.

6. Bulk actions (move, merge, delete, and remove dependencies)

Use the (4. Multiple Tag selection) for this option to work. You can perform the following actions

  • Move
  • Merge tags
  • Remove dependencies
  • Delete

7. Filter

Filter the list of Tags displayed using the "Filter" option at the top-right. The following filters are available

  • Tag associations
  • Created on
  • Created by

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I view the list of all Tags used in my knowledge base?

Yes, the "Manage tags" overview page (Content tools > Documentation > Tags) displays all the tags available in your knowledge base project. This page helps you manage and maintain a consistent tagging strategy across your content.

Can I view which is associated with which article or file?

The tag references in articles, categories, and files can be viewed from the "Manage tags" overview page. Click on the number in the consequent columns and "View dependencies" for the tags.

Can I edit or remove Tags?

Yes, you can easily edit or remove Tags at any time. Navigate to the "Manage tags" overview page (Content tools > Documentation > Tags) select the tag, and the "Edit" and "Delete" option appears at the page top.

Can I merge two or more tags?

You can merge similar tags by selecting them in the "Manage tags" overview page and clicking on the "Merge tags" option at the top.

Can I remove tag dependencies?

You can remove tag dependencies one article/file at a time or use the bulk dependency remove. Select the tags in the "Manage tags" overview page and click on the "Remove dependencies" option at the top.