The AI tag recommender features Artificial Intelligence (AI) to suggest relevant tags for your article or category page content. It analyzes the content, identifies common keywords, and topics to generate a set of recommended tags. You can take help from these tags to categorize and organize the content, making it easier for Team accounts and Readers to search for relevant information in the Knowledge base.

Currently, we support this feature only for the English language.

How to access the recommended tags for an article?

  1. Go to the desired article in the Knowledge base portal
  2. Click Article settings at the top right
  3. Expand Tags section
  4. Under Tags recommended, you can find a set of tags suggested by AI
  5. If the content is updated, click the Regenerate button to generate the tags again

There is no limit to generate the tags.

  1. If you wish to add the recommended tag, click the '+' adjacent to the tag name
  2. Click Save
Article Publish

The recommended tags also appear in the confirmation prompt of the article publication.

  • When you click the Publish button, the Confirm publishing prompt appears with the sections: Associated tags and Tags recommended.
  • If you wish to add the recommended tags, click the '+' adjacent to the tag name
  • Click Yes to add the selected Tags and publish the article


  1. Preprocessed article content should be more than 50 words
  2. You must have relevant access permissions to generate the Tags

What does Preprocess mean?

Preprocess refers to filtering specific elements in the article/category page. The following elements are not taken into account when generating tags:

  • HTML tags
  • Images
  • URL/links
  • Code blocks

For example, If you have an article word count shown as 80 words at the bottom of the Document360 editor, this includes the HTML tags, links, code blocks, and more. When preprocessing content is considered, the word count might be 49.

Ensure the preprocessed article content is more than 50 words to generate the tags.


1. Who can generate the Tags?

Team accounts with the following permission combinations can generate the tags:

  • Update article settings + Manage Tags
  • Publish article + Manage Tags
  • Update article settings + Publish article + Manage Tags

2. What happens when I click on Regenerate?

The tags are generated based on the latest article content.

3. Can I generate the tags for multiple articles in one go?

Currently, you can generate the tags for one article at a time.

4. Can I still add the Tags manually?

Yes, you can add the Tags manually.

5. Can I turn off the Tag recommendations?

No, you cannot turn off the Tag recommendations.

6. Can I purchase the AI tag recommender as an addon?

You can purchase it as a AI bundle addon in all plans. Please get in touch with our support team.