Document360 article templates are pre-designed articles structures that you or any other team member can use while writing articles for your Knowledge base.

The template could be for a simple User guide, FAQ, Release notes, or any other document you can create as a custom article template. Regardless of the purpose, article templates provide design consistency and style for your brand.

In Document360, you can create new articles from any basic system templates or create a new article template that you can reuse any number of times in your project.

Creating an article from an existing template

  1. In the Documentation editor, click on the (+) from the category manager.

  2. Click Article from template and enter the article name.

  3. Choose the category location from the dropdown.

  4. Select any one of the available templates and preview will be available in the right frame.

  5. Once done, click Create.


If you don’t find a suitable template, you can always create a new one you can reuse.

  • Click Go to Manage templatesNew template

Does updating a template affect the article created from it?

Updating a template does not affect articles that were created from that template. When you create an article from a template, a local copy of the content is saved in the article. It is isolated from the template content.

Creating a new template from scratch

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Documentation > Content tools > Content reuse > Templates.

  2. You view the system templates and previously added templates (if any).

System template

System templates cannot be edited or deleted.


  1. Click the Create Template button and the Create template panel appear.

  2. Enter the template name, select the Editor type you want to create the template and enter the description for the template.

  3. A new article is created, and you can start editing your template.

  4. Once you’re done, click the Save or Save & close.

  5. Your new template is added to the list of templates.

3_ScreenGIF-Creating_a_new_template_from scratch

Saving a template from an existing article

You can also add an existing article as a template irrespective of the article status (Published, Draft, New, Review, Hidden).

  1. In the Documentation editor, click on the More icon (•••) next to an article name.

  2. Click the Save as template and click Yes in the Save confirmation prompt.

  3. You can also find the Save as template option under ••• More section on the top-right of the article editor.

  4. The template is added, which you can use while creating new articles from a template.

  5. You can view, edit, and delete the saved template by visiting the Templates overview page.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the "Templates" feature in Document360?

The "Templates" feature in Document360 allows users to create, edit, and manage standardized templates for articles and reuse them any number of times in the future. These templates serve as starting points for consistent and efficient content creation.

2. How do I create a new article from a template?

To create an article from a template, choose from the available system templates, create a new template from scratch, or save an existing article as a template. This streamlines content creation by providing predefined structures.

3. Can I customize the newly created or saved templates to match my requirements?

Yes, the newly created or saved templates are fully customizable. You can edit them to suit your content needs, ensuring the template aligns with your knowledge base's style and formatting.

4. How can I benefit from using the templates?

The "Templates" feature ensures consistency and saves time by offering predefined article structures. It standardizes content layout and formatting, making creating professional and cohesive documentation easier.

5. Can I clone templates and use them to create a new template?

You can clone templates to create new ones on the Templates overview page. This saves time when you want to derive some aspects from an existing template.

6. What happens if I delete a template that I no longer need?

Deleting a template removes it from the library but doesn't affect articles already created using that template. This ensures that your existing content remains unaffected.

7. How can the "Templates" feature streamline collaboration within my team?

The "Templates" feature ensures team members follow a unified structure when creating content. This fosters collaboration by making it easier to understand and contribute to various articles.

8. Is the template I create available for other team members to use?

Once you create or save an article as a template, other team accounts can view the template in the "Template" library.

9. Is there any impact on articles if I use an existing template?

If you need to update a template, all articles created will not reflect the changes.

10. How does the "Templates" feature contribute to better knowledge management?

The "Templates" feature establishes a structured approach to content creation, making it easier to organize and manage knowledge. It ensures that documentation remains coherent and aligned with your organization's standards.