What is a Sandbox project?

A Sandbox project is a test project isolated from your main projects. You can utilize the Sandbox projects to test the features and configurations in Document360 without harming your end-user knowledge base.

For example, you wish to redesign the layout of the Knowledge base site to make it more user-friendly and improve the customer experience.

Before implementing the changes on the live project, you can use the Sandbox project to test the new design and get feedback from the internal team and beta customers. This allows the company to gather insights and make the necessary adjustments before rolling out the live Knowledge base project changes.

How to create a Sandbox project?

Team accounts associated with a paid project can create the Sandbox project.


  1. Log in to your Document360 account
  2. The My projects page appears
  3. Click New Sandbox at the top right

Basic details


  1. Enter your project name in the Name field
Project name
  • Only alphabets(A-Z, a-z), numbers, hyphen(-), and spaces are allowed
  • Special characters except hyphens are not allowed
  • Character limit for project name is 30 (including spaces)
  1. Enter your subdomain name in the Subdomain field
Subdomain name
  • The subdomain name will be appended with sandbox to distinguish it from your live project
  • Only alphabets, numbers, and hyphens are allowed
  • Character limit for subdomain name is 30 (including hyphens)
  • You can also change the subdomain name with the custom domain mapping after the project has been created
  1. Click Next



  1. Select the desired editor for your documentation in Markdown or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor

    • If you mostly create text-based documents, we recommend you use Markdown as your default editor and switch to WYSIWYG (HTML) when you need to add draft media-rich articles (images/video) via Article settings → Editor
Editor Choice
After you set up your project, you can change the default editor for the project.
  1. Click Next

Customize your Knowledge base


  1. Upload a logo or type in the company name to display on the project card
  2. Change the primary and secondary colors using the color picker or enter a HEX, RGB, or HSL color code
You can change your logo and color section after the project is created.
  1. Click Next

Knowledge base access


The Sandbox project can only be a private knowledge base.

  1. Click Create
  2. The trial Sandbox project is created successfully


Sandbox project - Knowledge base portal view


The validity of the trial Sandbox project is 14 days. You can purchase the Sandbox project similar to your live projects.

For more information, view the Buying Sandbox project article.