Document360 is back with another monthly release this December 2023. Due to the holiday season, we have moved up our release date from the last week. Let's look at some enhancements and improvements to the Document360 Knowledge base.


1. AI Writer -Outline creation

When the author types in a prompt to create a content outline on a specific topic, the "Eddy" AI acts similar to other AI content generation platforms and creates an elaborate outline on the mentioned topic with headings and brief abstracts. " You can use the Keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Spacebar" to launch the Eddy input.


2. Reintroducing "Advanced WYSIWYG editor"

We have renamed the "Block editor" to "Advanced WYSIWYG editor" (What You See Is What You Get). The change can be observed in the Knowledge base portal.



Minor security updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements can also be observed in the Knowledge base portal and site.