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This is the release note of an older version of Document360. 

To read about the recent product advancements and releases, check out our latest Release note.

Article Summary

Document360 has released new features such as Feature Explorer 2.0, Insert LaTeX in editor, Article redirect rules, Localization and Portal search Articles. Enhancements include Redirection types, Import redirect rules, Filter option, Export redirect rules and Bulk redirect rule remove. Improvements include Users Security, Knowledge base site and UI improvements for the Insert links option on the Markdown and WYSIWYG editors. Document360 has improved user experience with these new features and enhancements to make knowledge management easier.

New features

1. Feature explorer 2.0

We have given the Feature explorer a brand new facelift and optimized the user learning experience. This page can be accessed by clicking on the trophy icon on the left menu bar (Only for trial accounts). There are two levels, Basic quick start and Advanced quick start. The phases are tracked, and each level of achievement is recognized with a virtual trophy. Complete the exploration list on the Basic quick start to unlock the Advanced quick start. The module also contains supporting materials such as a link to the feature document and tutorial videos(If available).

Even when using the knowledge base portal, if the user tries out a feature for the first time, this would be recognized and recorded in the feature explorer. You can choose to hide the automatic initiation of the 'Quick start' module for 24 hours by clicking on the checkbox below.

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2. Insert LaTeX in editor

We have added the Insert LaTeX tool in the Markdown and WYSIWYG editor. We can use LaTeX to write mathematical equations in Markdown. To write the inline LaTeX formula, use a single $ before and after the equation.

To add the LaTeX expression click on Insert latex option and a sample latex syntax () appears. You can add more equations and expressions using the free or paid LaTeX expression generator tools available on the web.
The frequently used LaTeX expressions can be saved as a Variable or Snippet for a quick insert.

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1. Article redirect rules

  • Redirection types

We have added two types of article redirect

  • Ends with - To set redirection rule for URL text next to the domain name in the article URL

    For example,
    Source: /docs/Installation-guide
    Destination: /docs/Support-guide

  • Replace with - To set redirection rule for the URL text between the domain name and article slug

    For example,
    Source: /v1/Installation-guide
    Destination: /v3/Installation-guide

To access the redirect types, go to Settings → Knowledge base site → Article redirect rules → New redirect rule(button). Select from either one of the types (Ends with or Replace with).

  • Import redirect rules

You can now import redirect rules in bulk on the Article redirect rules page. To access the Import redirect rule, go to Settings → Knowledge base site → Article redirect rules → Import redirect rule(button). Choose and add the CSV file with all the sources, destinations, and redirection types.

The CSV file (less than or equal to 1MB) should follow the Document360 standard import template, which can be downloaded from the blade window by clicking on the standard template. The redirection rules (Source path, Destination path, and Redirection type) would be validated and reported in the blade with the valid and invalid rules available.

A download icon can be observed next to Invalid rules, which downloads a spreadsheet with the reason for the Invalid rule.

  • Filter option

A Search, Modified date, and Type filter have been added to the redirect rule page. This helps you narrow down the rules you are looking for. This option comes in handy for bulk operations such as Remove or Export.

  • Export redirect rules

The Export option has been added to the article redirect rules page. The option can be seen at the top-right of the page. The article redirect rules can be filtered using the Type(Ends with, Replace with, or Both), Modified date, and the Search keyword filter. The entire list or the filtered list can be exported as a CSV file onto your local device storage.

  • Bulk redirect rule remove

The pagination display 50 redirect rules on a single page. If you click on the Select all button, the 50 records available on that page will be selected. If you wish to choose multiple other page records, navigate to the next page and click on the 'Select all' button. Click the Remove button at the top.

As an improvement, we have added more context to the auditing events captured for actions on individual redirect rules. The rule itself would be shown in the redirect rule record.

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2. Localization

There are a couple of enhancements to the localization feature.

  • When performing bulk or individual article translate, the content from the latest published article in default language would be translated and overwritten on the selected languages
  • If you have linked any articles in the default language article or any internal article heading link, after translation, the link would be referenced to the selected language article rather than the original link.

    For example, If the article 'Getting started' in English language is linked in another English language article 'Installation support'. When you translate the article 'Installation support' to French, the hyperlink used to link the 'Getting started' article would be altered to point to a similar article in the French language.

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3. Portal search - Articles

We have added two additional filters in the Full portal search for articles. The filters are Status (New, Draft, Published) and Contributor. When you select any filter and click on the Apply button, the article will be narrowed down based on the selection.

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1. Users & Security

There are multiple enhancements in the Reader feature.

  • A new option to skip sending Invitation mail when SSO users (Team accounts and Readers) are added has been introduced. The Skip invitation mail checkbox is available in the user addition module on the Set up the basics stage
  • The Invitation email can be disabled for bulk SSO team account and reader import as well
  • Reader can now customize their profile information such as first name, last name, and profile image. Previously, there was an option to change just the reader email.
  • For reader email change, password verification has been added for added security

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2. Knowledge base site

  • On the knowledge base site, a clickable breadcrumb has been added below the menu section from the second-level category. For first-level categories and articles, this will not be applicable
  • The navigation of Next and Previous articles have been added at the bottom of the article. This can be turned off on the Settings → Knowledge base site → Article settings & SEO → Article bottom page

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Other improvements

  • The UI has been improved for the Insert links option on the Markdown and WYSIWYG editors
  • Minor performance, bug fixes, and security improvement can also be observed in the knowledge base portal and site

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