Searching files with filters
  • 12 Oct 2022
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Searching files with filters

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Article Summary

When there are thousands of files and folders on the Document360 Drive, the easiest way to retrieve a file is to use the search functionality.

Click on the search icon at the top. Type in the file name, and as you type the results are narrowed down. This search is easy if you know and remember the file name.

If you don’t, you can type in keywords related to the file that can be found either in the Name, Meta title, or Alt text to retrieve your file.

Search filters

Let’s say you have a vague idea of the file you are looking for but do not exactly remember any keyword particulars.


Don’t worry; you can make use of the different search filter options available.

  1. Click on the Drive main menu
  2. On the overview page, click on the Search option at the top-right
  3. A search bar with all the filters would appear
  4. Type in the search keyword to view the file results
  5. If no filter is selected, the search is performed on all the files available
  6. To add filters, select the dropdown and check the filters you require

For example, you want to filter the files updated in the last four days)

  1. Select the filter option and click on the Apply button

  2. Here is a brief look into the filter options available

    • You can filter files based on the Updated date using time frames such as 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, and 1 year or you can select specific dates to search from
    • You can filter the Updated by specific project team member or account data. Most of the time, an article/category page is bound to have multiple contributors working on different roles in the project, and the Drive is common to the project. You can select one or more contributors in the search filter

Clear/Reset filters

Clearing or resetting the search filter is easy. Just click on the x at the far-right in the search filter option bar.


If the search filter did not return any file result, an option is provided to reset the filter and try again. Click on the Remove filter(s) to see your item(s) below the page graphics.


Folder specific search

When users perform a search on the search bar in the Drive, the search reach is limited to the files in the folder or subfolder that is open now.

For example, If the user is currently inside a folder called 'Updated images' and uses the search bar to search for the keyword 'Installation'. Then all the files in that 'Updated images' folder are searched and, the relevant search results are listed.

How can I perform a search across all the files on Drive?

File search for the entire knowledge base can be done using the Search option in the left pane of the portal. For more information on this option, see Full portal search


File search for the entire knowledge base can be done using the search bar from two locations on the Drive:

  • All content
  • My Drive

Search bar availablility

The folder specific search functionality in Drive is available across the following instances:

  • Inside individual folders/subfolders
  • Recent
  • Starred
  • Recycle bin
  • All content
  • My Drive
  • When accessing Drive from the documentation editor

Search in attachments

Addon feature

This search functionality is an addon feature in the knowledge base portal and would be activated for customers on a demand basis. Contact customer support to activate this feature for your project.

You can perform a keyword search for the content inside PDF files on the Drive. This comes in handy when a particular file needs to be chosen, but the file name does not clearly state the search keyword.
For more information, visit Search attachments article.

File indexing for search
  • Document360 indexes all the files uploaded on the Drive for file keyword search using the file name, title, alt text, file format, or tags. However, searching for keywords inside the file content is available only for PDF files that meet certain criteria.
  • Only the content of PDF files added as attachments can be searched on the knowledge base site. For more information about the behavior in the knowledge base site, visit the Search in attachements article.

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