What is a 'Drive folder mapping'?

When a Contributor upload images in the article on the Editor from their local storage or URL, the image would automatically be placed in the designated Drive folder for the article's category/subcategory.

How to associate a Drive folder to a category?

  1. From the Documentation ( ) section in the Knowledge base portal, expand the category menu from Category Manager (Left navigation pane) (or) top-right of the editor window (or) in the Index overview (for subcategories).

  2. Click the Set drive folder option.

  3. A popup appears with a drop-down option to select the folder/subfolder from the project's Drive.

  4. After selecting the desired drive folder, click in any region outside the popup.

  5. Click the Update button.


The Drive folder is now mapped to the category/subcategory.


1. Can I map the drive folder for subcategories?

Yes, the 'Set drive folder' option is available for all categories and all subcategories.

2. How is setting a drive folder different from the Editor folder?

If a category has already been mapped to a drive folder, the mapped drive folder setting is chosen over the Editor folder. All the images added to any article in that category are uploaded to the mapped drive folder.
But if the category is not mapped to any drive folder, the images added directly would be saved in the 'Editor folder'.

3. Can I map drive folders at an article level?

Currently, the drive folder mapping is only available for categories and subcategories.

4. Can I change or remove a category's drive folder mapping?

Yes, you can change or remove a category's mapped drive folder any number of times. But changing the mapping to a different drive folder does not move the images previously added to the article. Only images added after the updated mapping will be saved in the new drive folder selection.

5. I have a subcategory mapped to a different drive folder and the parent category mapped to another drive folder. Which mapping would be preferred for the articles inside the subcategory?

The immediate mapping will be preferred, and all other settings will be overridden. In the above case, the subcategory mapping is the immediate setting.

Preference setting

  1. Subcategory drive folder mapping
  2. Parent Category drive folder mapping
  3. Editor folder