Quick start (previously "Feature Explorer") is an optimized product crash course that lets you quicken and enhance the product learning experience. It helps you in acquiring product knowledge more efficiently. Accomplish the "Quick start" tasks to win trophies and learn more about Document360.

This 'Quick start' is basically the gamification of Document360 learning and adoption.

Accessing the "Quick start"

"Quick start" is available only for Trial projects.


  • Click the "Quick start" (trophy) icon on the left menu bar
  • The "Quick start" window appears
Feature explorer levels

There are two levels:

1. Basic quick start
2. Advanced options

1. Basics in "Quick start"

The basic features which you often use are listed under this level. There are four sub-levels:
a. Categories & articles
b. Invite your team members
c. Explore extensions
d. Customize your home page

2. Advanced options in "Quick start"

Once you accomplish the basic quick start tasks, the advanced quick start section appears in the module.

In the advanced options, you explore the Content role and Portal role features.

  • In the Advanced options, select the Roles dropdown on the top, and choose the desired role
  • Similar to the basic quick start features, click the documentation and video (if available) icons to view the respective insights of the tasks to be done

Exploring Document360 with "Quick start"

Exploring the features in Document360 with the "Quick start" module helps you to learn about the capabilities of the Knowledge base portal.

You can explore in the order listed in the window (or) follow your flow.

Sequential flow

The quick start module and the sequence of features have been meticulously crafted to ensure the optimal Document360 platform learning experience.


  • Click the Documentation icon next to the task to view the insight of the task to be done


  • Click the Video icon (if available) to view the insight video of the task to be done
  • Click the task button (For example, Explore analytics ) to start exploring the feature

Once you accomplish a task, the Quick start window appears with a Congratulations message, and you can proceed with the next task

  • Navigate to the previous and next module with the Back and Next on the top right

You can explore the features to which you have access.

How to stop the "Quick start" (Feature explorer) auto-launch?


  • In the "Quick start" window, select the checkbox Hide feature explorer for 24 hours at the bottom

  • Click Yes in the Hide feature explorer prompt

  • The feature explorer window is hidden for the next 24 hours, and it does not appear even when you accomplish a task

  • However, you can access the feature explorer by clicking the Feature explorer (trophy) icon on the left menu bar