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Feedback analytics track likes and dislikes for each article/category page and the feedback left by users in the feedback form.

If a user dislikes or likes an article, the feedback form appears in which the user can leave a comment. The customer can also leave a name and email if they want to be followed up.

Feedback Form(1)

Accessing Feedback analytics

feedback analytics in performance

  1. Go to AnalyticsFeedback and the Feedback overview page appears
  2. If you have multiple versions, select the desired version with the Project version dropdown
  3. If you have a multi-lingual knowledge base, select the desired language with the Languages dropdown
  4. You can filter the feedback with application and date range
    • Filter by Application:
      • Select the Application dropdown to choose the desired Application (Knowledge base or Knowledge base assistant)
      • The feedbacks in the chosen application appear
    • Filter by Date range:
      • Select the date range dropdown next to the Application dropdown
      • You can choose from predefined intervals such as Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Last 90 days, or Last 180 days
      • The date range appears next to the dropdown. Click on the date range to select the custom date range

        For example, you want to view the feedback analytics of the last 14 days. Click on the date range and select the desired date range. The feedback analytics data for the desired date range appears

  5. The Feedback list shows the below information:
    1. Name: Category page/article name. The category page is denoted with a folder icon adjacent to the category page name
    2. Feedback status: Percentage bar of likes and dislikes. When the percentage of likes/dislikes is more than 75%, only the higher percentage appears
    3. Total comments: Number of feedbacks received. You can sort this column by clicking the column header
    4. Likes: Number of likes and dislikes

To view the comments in an article/category page:

  • Click the desired article/category page in the list, and Feedback blade appears on the right
  • The list of feedback received in the particular article/category page appears with the comment, like/dislike, date/time, name, and email of the user(if provided)

feedback analytics comment modal

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