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Article versions are an important safeguard for any documentation or article that is continually being updated and revised by multiple contributors.

In Document360, any time a project member clicks the Edit button on a published article, a new, unpublished version of that article is created. The old version is added to the article’s version history but remains available on site until the new version is published. This allows project admins and contributors to compare differences between versions and revert to a previous version at any time.

Don’t worry, creating a new version of an article doesn’t erase your content. Only you can do that.

Creating an article version in View history

There are two ways to create a new version of an article:

1. Open a published article in the Documentation Editor and click Edit in the top right of the editor. This creates a new version and opens it as a draft in the text editor.
2. Open the View history menu (the clock icon) in the top right of the editor and click Fork on the desired version listed in the history. This action will create a new version of the article with the selected article content, and add it to the version list. To edit the new version, click Open.

Article revision

The below options are available in Article revision:

  1. Fork: To create a new version of the article. This would be added to the version list
  2. Delete: To delete the article version
Deletion of the published article

You cannot delete a published article version. You can only delete the unpublished article version.

  1. Open: To open the article version in the editor
  2. Workflow history: To view the workflow history of the article version

You can make any previous version of an article public by opening that version in the editor and clicking Publish.

You can also see detailed information about each version including the version number, the author, when it was created, and which version is public.


Viewing differences between two versions of an article

You can open any two versions of an article at any point in Article revision and compare them.

To compare two versions of an article:

  1. Open the View history menu
  2. Select the two versions to compare by clicking their checkboxes
  3. Click on the Compare button

Different ways to view differences between versions

There are four different ways to view the differences between versions:

  1. Code Diff: To view both versions in markdown syntax. The older version is shown on the left and the newer version on the right. Content removed will be represented with a red background while content added is represented with green background
  2. Rendered Diff: To view both versions in preview mode
  3. Older version: To view the older version in both markdown syntax and preview mode
  4. New version: To view the newer version in both markdown syntax and preview mode

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