Heap is a product analytics tool for analyzing user behavioural data and is convenient for a product and marketing team. It helps with extracting user data and reports in a product that helps to tweak the product.

Some key features of Heap include

Event feed: Client-side events will appear in your app's Event Feed as they happen.

Analysis: With tools like Graph analysis, Funnel analysis, Users analysis, Retention analysis, Influential analysis, Path analysis, and more, your customer communications will become significantly more effective.

How will you integrate Document360 and Heap?

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to Settings > Knowledge base site > Integrations.

  2. Select Heap from the list of integrations and click Add.

  3. The Add new integration panel will appear.

  4. You can either configure with Basic configuration or Custom configuration.

Basic configuration: Configure a standard integration of Heap with your Knowledge base.

You need to provide the following details:
a. Description: Enter the desired description.
b. Heap App ID: Type your Heap App ID.

What is Heap ID?
The Heap ID is a unique code snippet obtained from the Heap application. This ID is necessary for integrating Heap and Document360 in the Knowledge Base portal.

Custom configuration: Configure an advanced integration of Heap with your Knowledge base by adding custom events in snippet code.

To configure with Custom configuration:
a. Type a Description.
b. Type the desired snippet code.

  1. If required, you can use the Code inclusion/exclusion conditions feature to insert the code based on certain conditions such as the IP address, Workspace, and Language.

  2. Once done, click Add.


How do I get the Heap App ID?

For an existing customer in Heap

you can follow the below steps to get the Heap App ID:

  1. Navigate to the Heap App dashboard.

  2. In the left navigation panel, scroll down and click on Account > Install.

  3. The Install Heap on your Development environment window appears.

  4. Select the platform as Web.

  5. Scroll down to the Web Installation, copy the Heap ID from the snippet code provided.


For a new customer in Heap

  1. You will be getting the Heap App ID during the Heap account installation process.

  2. After completing the Heap integration setup in your Document360 knowledge base portal, open your Heap account interface to view and reply to the chats from your users.


Now you can track and view all your Knowledge base site analytics and user behaviour from Heap dashboard.

Why should I integrate Heap?

With Heap's advanced analytics report, you can analyse user behavioural data and tweak your product features.