• 17 Mar 2022
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Heap is a product analytics tool for analyzing user behavioural data and is convenient for a product and marketing team. It helps with extracting user data and reports in a product that helps to tweak the product.

Some key features of Heap include

Event feed- Client-side events will appear in your app's Event Feed as they happen

Analysis-Graph analysis, Funnel analysis, Users Analysis, Retention Analysis, Influential Analysis, Path analysis, and more. With all these tools, you will never miss your customer again.

Document360+Heap Integration

Document360 has an in-built Analytics tool that monitors all the analytics data in the knowledge base project. Document360 supports a plethora of third party integration. Heap can be integrated into your knowledge bas site in few steps.


  1. From the Document360 portal, go to Settings→ Knowledge base site→ Integrations

  2. Click the Add new integration button at the top right, and this opens an Integration setup panel

  3. Select Heap from the list of integrations available in the blade window

  4. Add a Description and enter the Heap App ID

What is Heap App ID?

Heap App ID is a piece of code that you can get from the Heap application, and you use it for Document360+Heap Integration in the Document360 Knowledge base portal.

  1. Enable the Status toggle bar and click the Add button at the bottom

If required, you can add advanced insertion rules to your Heap Integration using the advanced insertion rules option in the integration panel.


How to get the Heap App ID

a. If you are an existing customer in Heap:

you can follow the below steps to get the HeapApp ID:

  1. On the Data sources page, click create an application.
  2. In the bottom left of the page, click on the web platform.
  3. Copy the code from the snippet under Web Installation, next to the heap.load

b. If you are a new customer in Heap:

you can follow the below step to get the Heap App ID :

  1. Register and create a free account in Heap.
  2. log in to your account
    You can get the Heap App ID in the initial Heap Account setup flow

Now you can track and view all your Knowledge base site analytics and user behaviour from Heap dashboard.

Why should you integrate Heap?

With Heap's advanced analytics report, you can analyse user behavioural data and tweak your product features.

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