IP restriction page

The IP restriction page appears when a reader tries to access the Knowledge base site URL from any restricted IP address.

For example, if you have restricted the Knowledge base site to appear only for a particular IP range and a reader tries to access the site from an IP not included in the range, the IP restriction page appears

Customize the IP restriction page of your knowledge base site and provide a descriptive reason with a solution, such as 'Contact the admin for access'. This would allow the readers to understand the reason and solution.

You cannot switch back to your default IP restriction page after configuring a custom IP restriction page. It is recommended to have a custom IP restriction page to enhance the reader experience.

How to customize the IP restriction page?


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to "Settings -> Knowledge base site -> Customize site"

  2. The page holds all the basic site design configurations

  3. From the "Customize site" page, click "Customize site" again

  4. From the left side drop-down, select the IP restriction page you wish to customize listed under "Error pages".

  5. You can find two sections on this page

    1. Basic style - Basic customization with the available options
    2. Custom style - Customize with HTML and CSS
  6. Once you're done, click Save

Basic style

You can use the options such as Theme, Image, Heading, and Paragraph.


Change the location of text and image with this option. By default, three predefined alignments are available for selection.

  • Click on the desired theme and click Save to update the custom page

Upload image

Upload a related image to enhance the page.

  1. Click the Image button, and image pane appears

  2. Click Change and you can select two sections

    a. Default images - You can find the default images provided and click the desired image and click Save

    b. Image - To upload a desired image from URL or Drive

    • To upload an image from URL:

      • Click Image and enter the image URL in the URL field
      • Click InsertSave
    • To upload an image from Drive:

      • Click ImageUpload an image and the file selection window appears
      • Select the desired image
      • Click InsertSave
  3. You can also configure the alignment of the image, such as in left, center, and right.


Enter the desired heading of the page and click Save.

The default heading will be "Sorry!".


Enter a paragraph for the page. It allows the readers to know the context of the page.

The default text will be " Your IP address {{template:IPAddress}} is restricted from accessing this article or page".

Custom style

Customize the unauthorize page with HTML or CSS section.

  1. Select the Custom style, and you can find two tabs:

    • HTML section
    • CSS section
  2. Navigate to the desired tab and update the section as per your requirement

  3. Click Preview toggle on the top right of the section to view the preview of the unauthorize page

  4. Once you're done, click Save

Custom pages in Document360

Check the Custom pages article to explore the available custom pages in Document360.