Microsoft Teams is a widely used messaging and business collaboration application that helps a company's workforce stay organized and engage in conversations on a single platform.

Teams + Document360

After configuring the API and connecting Teams and Document360, you could experience the cross-platform functionality in your Teams application.

After integrating, you can search for and share articles from your knowledge base in Teams, chats, and channels without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Basic setup guide

1. Add the Document360 app to Teams

  1. Navigate to the left navbar and click Apps in Microsoft Teams.

  2. In the search bar, find Document360

  3. Click on the app assistant and select Add


  1. Now, you can find the Document360 logo in the bottom chat controls and at the search bar at the top when you type @Document360 and press Enter.

  2. If you already have a live knowledge base powered by Document360, you can easily connect it using an API key.

2. API key generation on Document360

  1. From the knowledge base portal, go to Settings -> knowledge base portal -> Extensions -> Team Collaboration

  2. You'll find the Microsoft Teams assistant

  3. Click Connect, and the Microsoft Teams details blade appears with a generated API key.

  4. Copy the generated API key, which would be required while connecting your knowledge base with your Teams app.


3. Document360 API Configuration

Your knowledge base would be connected and accessible only after configuring the API between Teams and Document360.

You can access the Add API Key field in the Teams application by

  1. In Microsoft Teams, go to any chat and click +
  2. Select Document360, then click the three ••• dots in the menu
  3. Now, you can find the Add API key option.

Paste the generated API key in the Teams API key window. You would get a success message indicating the integration status.


Feature Highlights

Article search and share

After successful integration, you can search for and share articles from your Document360 knowledge base without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform with individual contacts and channels.

When you want to search for a particular article from the integrated knowledge base

  1. Click the Document360 logo from the chat controls
  2. Enter the keyword in the search bar
  3. Select all the relevant articles from the search results



  1. In the search bar, enter @Document360 and press Enter
  2. The Document360 search is enabled on the left side of the search bar
  3. Enter the keyword, and the results are populated
  4. View and select the relevant article you would like to send from the search result



  1. Enter @Document360search in the new message field at the bottom and hit Enter
  2. Another sub-field would appear with the search bar
  3. Enter your search query, and the results are populated
  4. Click on the result, and it will be added to the conversation

You can edit your response with a custom message before sending it.


1. Does Microsoft Teams have a knowledge base feature?

There is no built-in knowledge base feature available on Microsoft Teams. However, you can integrate a robust knowledge base and documentation platforms like Document360 to work seamlessly with Teams.

2. Can I share content from my knowledge base on Teams?

You can share article content, excerpts, links, media, and files from your Document360 knowledge base in your Teams chats, replies, and posts.