Getting Started SEO
  • 20 Jun 2022
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Getting Started SEO

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" is a standard set of practices that helps to improve your site's visibility in search engines. SEO is a continuous process you have to work on and follow constantly.

6 Important components for SEO

  • Keywords- Keywords are words or phrases with a great significance to your content
  • Title- An HTML element that defines a content
  • Meta Tags- are elements that define the metadata of a content
  • Content - Content is the document or the information structure that you intend to present to a user/customer
  • Featured image- An image that represents the theme of a content
  • Backlinks- Backlinks are links to your page from another website

Why do we need SEO?

SEO helps rank the content top in the search engine result. It drives organic traffic to your knowledge base site and builds your brand. It also helps you spend less on your paid advertisement. So, focusing on your site's SEO is the only way to improve a site's organic traffic and make it appear on the top search results on the popular search engines.

Backlinks and SEO benefits

  • It improves your site's organic ranking
  • Referral traffic (your site can get a considerable amount of traffic from backlinks.)

Adding SEO in Document360

Document360 has an inbuilt Article SEO setting, where you can access your article-level SEO settings. Follow the below steps to access your article-level SEO settings.

  1. Go to the desired article in the Documentation editor, and click on the Article Settings (The gear icon from the right side toolbar in your editor window.)
  2. Click on the SEO section to expand it
  3. Enter the desired SEO title and description in the respective fields
  4. Click Tags to add tags to your article
  5. Click Save

SEO title/Meta title

You can add up to 70 characters to your SEO title, and this is the snippet that appears in the search results.

SEO description/Meta description

You can add up to 160 characters to your SEO description, and this is the snippet that appears in the search results.

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