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  • 10 Dec 2020
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Right sidebar

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The following details can be displayed in the right sidebar of articles when they are viewed in the knowledge base.

Make changes to these details in the Article Settings and SEO page in Settings.

Changes made in Article Right settings will be applied to every article in the project(Global level).

article right details

1. Show Table of Contents:

When enabled using the toggle switch(on/off), a table of contents made of the article’s H2, H3, and H4 will be displayed on the right of the article.
The H3 and H4 can be enabled only when the subsequent parent tab is enabled.
For ex. for H4 to be enabled, H3 should be enabled as well. Similarly H3 can be enabled only when H2 is enabled.


2. Show Article Tags:

When on, if an article has any tags applied, they will display above the table of contents.

Learn how to add article tags in Adding Article Tags.

Article Right or Bottom

Some article details can be displayed on either the right side or the bottom of the article.


3. Show Related Articles:

When on, related articles will show on either the right or bottom of articles.

Learn how to add related articles in Article SEO.

4. Show Article Attachments:

When on, article attachments will show on either the right or bottom of articles.

Learn how to add attachments to articles in Adding Files to Articles.
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