View all the 'Access permission' your account has with the project you are viewing this from.

This option would be available only when accessing the Profile menu from within a project. If you are accessing the menu from the "My projects", the View access permissions option is unavailable.


  1. From the Knowledge base portal, click on the profile image at the top
  2. Select the View access permissions option, and the blade appears on the right
  3. The blade contains two tabs, the Portal role and Content role
  4. Each tab shows the different granular level permissions the team account holds in that particular project
  5. The permission is grouped under different sections for better understanding. These sections can be expanded or collapsed

Portal role


Knowledge base portal
    - General settings
    - Team auditing
    - Backup & Restore
    - Notifications
    - API tokens
Knowledge base site
    - Site design & navigation
    - Site domain
    - Custom CSS/JavaScript
    - Integrations
    - Cookie consent
    - Smart bars
    - Ticket deflection
    - Custom page
Knowledge base widget
    - Access to widget
    - Manage settings
Users & Security
    - Team accounts
    - Site visibility
    - IP restriction
    - Enterprise SSO

Content role


Categories & Articles
    - Access to categories
    - Category actions
    - Manage articles
    - Article settings
    - Revision history
    - Visibility settings
Home page builder & Drive
    - Access to home page builder
    - Manage home page builder
    - Manage themes
    - Access Drive
    - Manage files & folders
    - Access to Project analytics
    - Manage link analytics
Content tools
    - Article templates
    - Bulk operations
    - Article review reminders
    - Tags
    - Workflow
    - Content reuse
    - Import & Export
    - Glossary
    - Feedback
    - SEO description
    - Find and replace
Knowledge base portal
    - Workspaces
    - Localization variables
    - Machine translation
Knowledge base site
    - Article redirect rules
    - Article settings & SEO