Domain restriction
  • 03 May 2023
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Domain restriction

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Article Summary

Document360 lets you restrict the Knowledge Base assistant to specific domains.

Once any domain is added to the Keep your assistant secure list, and if a project member wants to install the Knowledge Base assistant on a different domain, they will need to add that domain in the Keep your assistant secure section.

If no domains are added to the list, the Knowledge base assistant can be added to any SaaS application or public website.

To restrict the Knowledge base assistant to a specific domain


  1. Go to Settings → Knowledge base assistant → Setup configuration
  2. Hover over the desired Knowledge base assistant and click Edit
  3. In the Installation & Setup tab, expand the Keep your assistant secure section
  4. You can find the list of domains previously added (if added)
  5. Enter the domain where you want the Knowledge base assistant to display

The "www" is not a valid part of your domain. Only add what comes after the www. in your URL.

For example:

  1. Click AddSave

The autosave option is available for navigation between the Knowledge base assistant tabs.

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