Changing an article URL
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Changing an article URL

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By default, articles will convert the article title into a slug and add it to your knowledge base URL.

For example, if an article title is 'This is really good content', the resulting URL would[project version]/docs/this-is-really-good-content

You can easily change the part of the article URL inherited from the title, .../this-is-really-good-content .

Note that changing an article's title does not automatically change the article slug.

To change an article URL:


  1. Go to the desired article or category page in the documentation editor
  2. Click the article slug below the article title
  3. Edit the slug
  4. Click and a confirmation popup appears
    • If you want to set up an article redirect rule, select the checkbox 'Set a redirect rule for the updated slug'
    • If you do not want to set up an article redirect rule, uncheck the checkbox 'Set a redirect rule for the updated slug'

By default, this checkbox is unchecked.

Redirect Rules
When you change the article slug, an article redirection rule confirmation prompt will ask if you want to set up a redirect rule just in case other articles might be linking to the outdated slug. Setting up a redirect rule is optional, but advised. Want to know more about redirect rules? Visit Redirecting an article URL
  1. Once you're done, click Yes

You can also change an article URL in the Article Settings menu.

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