Article status indicator
  • 27 May 2022
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Article status indicator

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The article status indicator helps to identify the status of the articles in the knowledge base portal. It helps to avoid checking each article's status individually.

Category page

The article status indicator is applicable for the category pages.

Article status indicator in knowledge base portal

An article can have four statuses within the Knowledge base portal, each represented by a uniquely colored circle. These circle indicators can be seen adjacent to the articles on the left navigation panel.

  1. Draft - Yellow
  2. Published - Green
  3. New article (New category page) - Blue
  4. Needs review - Red



An already published article that is being forked (updated or edited) while keeping the original version public.


An article that has been made public. Readers can view and read it on your knowledge base site.

New article

An article that has been created and is currently being written, but not published. The article is visible only in the portal for team accounts with access.

Category page

For the category page, it appears as New category page

Needs review

An article that is flagged for review, either by a contributor or by an automated review reminder.

Article status of Hidden articles

Hidden articles are identified by a strike through. The hidden article will not be available on the knowledge base site and can only be accessed from the portal. Articles in all statuses can be hidden, using the ••• More and Hide. To read more information, see Hiding an article.

Articles in a hidden category

The articles inside a hidden category are also hidden in the knowledge base.

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