Document360 Tags - Best practices


  • Keep the Tags concise

    For example. 'Installation' and not 'How do I install the app?'

  • Use broad category terms

    For example, 'Social media' 'Marketing'

  • Avoid using redundant Tags

    For example, 'SEO', 'Search Engine Optimization'

  • Maintain Tag consistency across the knowledge base

    For example, 'SEO', 'sEO', 'Seo'


  • Over usage of Tags on a page

    Try to keep the Tags below a maximum of 5. More Tags might have a negative impact on the page's SEO

  • Associate irrelevant Tags

    Readers might get agitated as they would not find any context to the Tag in the article/page content

  • Semantic errors in Tags

    For example, 'Email Makreting'