Enabling OpenID SSO
  • 28 Jan 2023
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Enabling OpenID SSO

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Article Summary

OpenID connect (OIDC) is an open standard that is built on the OAuth 2.0 protocol, which gives OpenID an additional layer of security.

To enable OpenID standard Enterprise SSO on Document360 follow the instructions below.

  1. Once you've logged in to Document360 choose your intended project
  2. From the dashboard SettingsUsers & SecuritySAML/OpenIDOpenID
  • In this page you can find the Login redirect URI and the Logout Redirect URI which would be used whilst configuration with the Identity Provider (IdP).
  • The Client ID and Client secret fields would be empty as this authorization code data would be obtained from your IdP page.
  • The Authority field is for the Issuer URI provided by authorization server from IdP
  • The Mail domains field is for the domains you would like to authorize for the SSO functionality

Once you have successfully configured the SAML SSO with Okta, you can invite members from your project to the configured SSO application.


Added SSO users can choose to login either as a Document360 user or as a SSO user. In the initial Login page, click on the SSO option.

Once you click on the SSO option, you'd be redirected to SSO user Login page.


Can I add the email domains of different identity providers in the OpenID configuration?

All the email domains must be obtained from the same identity provider.

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