A configured SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) can be updated anytime or easily removed with a button click.

  1. From the Document360 portal, go to SettingsUsers & SecuritySAML/OpenIDSAML
  2. In the SAML page, you can find the SAML basic configuration section. At the top right of this section, you can find two icons: Edit (pencil) and Remove (trash)
Editing the configuration

If you want to update an existing configured SSO, click on the Edit icon on the SAML basic configuration section.


  1. To remove the SAML configuration, click the Remove (trash) icon adjacent to the edit icon
  2. A Delete SSO confirmation prompt appears.
    • If you want to remove only the SSO configuration, click Proceed
    • If you want to remove both the SSO configuration and associated SSO team accounts and readers, select the checkbox and click Proceed

Now, Document360 provides an either-or functionality for the SSO standards(SAML/OpenID). Once you have configured your SSO with the IdP using a standard (SAML or OpenID) for a project, you can configure JWT SSO along with this.