Design - Global settings
  • 27 Jan 2022
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Design - Global settings

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Site design settings determine the look and feel of the knowledge base project, including adding a favicon, choosing the layout, logo, colors, and font family settings.

This is a project-level setting

Access the design menu by clicking on Settings→Knowledge base site→Design


Changing the Favicon

Favicon (short for favorite icon) is a small icon, usually 16x16 pixels, used by web browsers to identify your website. The favicon appears in the browser tab for the website, the bookmarks list, and the browsing history list.

To change the favicon:

  1. Hover over the default favicon and click on it
  2. Now, you can add a favicon in one of two options available: Using a URL or Upload an image
  • Using a URL: Paste the image URL from any external source and click on Insert

  • Upload an image: Choose your file from the Drive or upload an image from your local computer storage and click on Insert


Always use an image with minimalistic and square dimensions (in pixels).
Document360 resizes any image you upload to fit the canvas.

Changing the knowledge base Layout

You can choose a Center layout or a Fluid layout for your knowledge base as per your requirement.
Center layout will fit your content more to the center in a browser window
Fluid layout will extend your content to the edges of a browser window. In this layout option, you can choose between Small and Medium indent.

Replace the default "YourLogo" that displays in the top left of the knowledge base by uploading your own.

  1. Hover over "Your Logo" and click upload.
  2. Choose your file from the Drive or paste an image URL in the field
  3. Click Insert.

Alternatively, if you want to have text, say a company name or a tag line instead of a logo, select the text field.

The character limit for logo text

You can add up to 30 characters.

You can also add a clickthrough URL to your logo, text, or image in the Logo URL.

Changing the color theme

Click the primaryand secondary color fields to change the colors of your knowledge base.

The primary color will display on the top bar and logo text of the home page and documentation portal. The secondary color will display in the drop-down and hover options.

You can enter a hex color code or select from the color palette.

Font family

You can also change the fonts in your Knowledge base. There is the Body font and Heading font.

Body font

All the Paragraph content, left navigation pane (categories, sub-categories, article titles), and the Navigations (header, footer, menus, controls)

Heading font

All the Heading content with the H2, H3, and H4 tags.

  1. To change the font, click on either one of the fields (Body or heading font)
  2. In the drop-down, you can see the list of font options available
Can I upload a custom font family?

Currently, there is no option to upload or use any custom OTF (OpenType), TTF (TrueType), or WOFF (Web Open Font Format) fonts available on the web or the local storage of your device.

  1. Select any one of the fonts from the given list
  2. You can see a preview of the chosen font on the right frame
  3. Click on the Save button at the top

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