In Document360, using Notification mapping, you can configure notifications for every event that occurs in the project. Here, you need to map the event to their respective notification channels to receive prompts.

The Document360 project's events are classified into nine segments.

  • Documentation editor
  • Drive
  • Knowledge base portal settings
  • Knowledge base site settings
  • Knowledge base widget settings
  • Users and security settings
  • Tool settings
  • Knowledge base site
  • Analytics

Turning on/off events

By default, all events in Document360 will be turned off.

You can configure notifications for an entire section or specific events with one or multiple channels. At the top, you can turn on All Events to trigger notifications for all applicable events.

Mapping notification channels to events

  1. Go to "Settings -> Knowledge base portal -> Notifications ->Notification mapping"

  2. Each segment has individual events to occur, and you need to map each event to their respective channels individually

  3. You can configure each event for one channel or multiple channels. You can click on the + next to individual events to map a notification channel

  4. If an event is turned on for notifications, it must have at least one channel added

  5. If required, if you want to map all the events under specific segments, enable the toggle

  6. To map all the events that occur entirely in the project, turn on the all event toggle


Analytics weekly report mail

The project owners can turn on the Analytics toggle to receive an analytical report of the project once every week.

  1. Go to "Settings -> Knowledge base portal -> Notifications -> Notification mapping"
  2. Expand the Analytics section and turn on the Analytics weekly mail toggle