Tags in Document360 are used in identifying, filtering, navigating, and grouping related articles, category pages, or files in your knowledge base project.

What is a Tag?

A Tag is a form of metadata comprising letters, numbers, a word, or a phrase used as an identifier label about the content of an article, category page, or file.

For example, If an article or file provides information about installing software. The user can add and apply the Tag "Installation".

When the readers view the Tag next to the article/file, they know what information to expect from the respective article/file.

Reasons to use Tags in Document360

  • Improves team account and reader experience (identification, filtering, and navigation)
  • Grouping of similar entities
  • Improves keyword searches in Knowledge base portal and Knowledge base site
  • A unique slug is generated for the Tags page and crawled by third-party Search engines

Explore a detailed look into the Tags - Best practice article for a better understanding.

AI tag recommender

Experience the AI Tag recommender feature to generate and associate Tags to your articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I assign multiple Tags to a single article or file?

Yes, you can assign various Tags to a single article, category page, or file. This capability enables you to capture the multiple aspects and topics covered within the content.

What's the advantage of using Tags for grouping content?

Using Tags for grouping allows you to create thematic collections of content. For instance, you can group articles from different categories related to a common theme under a specific Tag, making it easier for users to explore comprehensive information.

Do Tags have any impact on search functionality?

Yes, Tags enhance search functionality. When users search for specific topics, content with relevant Tags will be more accurately identified and presented in search results, helping users find pertinent information faster.

Can I customize Tags according to our organization's needs?

Yes, you can create and manage Tags according to your organization's requirements. This customization ensures that Tags align with your internal taxonomy and language.

Can I search for content using Tags?

Yes, you can use Tags to refine your search results. Document360 will display a list of content items tagged with that keyword or label when you search for a specific Tag.

How do Tags contribute to a better user experience?

Tags contribute significantly to a better user experience by providing visual cues about content. Users can quickly assess whether an article or file aligns with their needs, reducing searching time and enhancing overall satisfaction with your knowledge base.

Is there a limit to the number of Tags I can assign to an item?

There's no strict limit, but Document360 recommends using a reasonable number of Tags to maintain clarity. Assign Tags that accurately represent the main themes or topics of the content.

Is there a limit to the number of Tags I can add in a project?

Yes, you can add up to 1000 Tags in a single Document360 project.

Can I bulk-import Tags into my Document360 project?

No, with the current implementation you cannot bulk-import tag.