Adding files to article
  • 25 Oct 2022
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Adding files to article

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Article Summary

Document360 is a powerful tool that allows users to store and manage files in a centralized cloud-based repository. It also has two basic editors, one of which is a markdown editor that can be used to format lists, headers, images, videos and links. Attachments can be accessed from the Article Settings menu where users can enable or disable them and choose their position in the knowledge base.

There are two ways to include File in Article:

  1. Adding files
  2. Attaching files

Adding Files to Articles

Adding a file to an Article adds it directly to the body of the article instead of attaching it as a download.

To add a file to the body of your article, it must first be uploaded to the Drive.

To add a file to an article

  1. On the Markdown toolbar, select Insert File.
  2. Select the file in the Drive that you wish to insert
  3. Click Insert.

1_Screen_GIF_ add a file to an article

File Display
A PDF file will display a preview of the file and options to download or print. A Word, Powerpoint or Zip file will display as a download link only.

Insert File Pdf vs Word, PPT, Zip

Attaching Files to Articles

Attach a File to an article instead of adding it directly to the article body. In the Project Settings menu, you can choose to display attached files on the right of the article or at the bottom of the article.
attach file in public view right bar

attach file in public view bottom

To attach a file to your article, it must first be uploaded to the Drive.

To attach a file to an article

  1. Open the Article Settings menu on the top right of the text editor.
  2. Open the Attachments menu.
  3. Click Attach File and choose your desired file.
  4. Click Save.


File Order
If you attach more than one file to an article, you may arrange the order in which they will display by dragging and dropping the file names in the Attachments menu.

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