Public knowledge base
  • 24 Dec 2021
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Public knowledge base

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Article Summary

What is a public knowledge base?

A public knowledge base site is accessible by everyone on the web. The published content of the knowledge base site can be accessed with direct links or via search engines on the web browser. No login is required.

For example, Document360's help article site, is a public access knowledge base.

Accessing the Site access page

From the knowledge base portal, click on Settings → Site access. The project name with the three available site access settings would be available.

  • Public

  • Private

  • Mixed


A green Public label would be available next to the site access option in the menu.

Site access setting for new projects

The site access setting would be available at the time of project creation. Users can choose any site access setting during project creation and change the setting later.

Switching a knowledge base site access to public


  1. In the knowledge base portal, click on Settings → Site access
  2. There would be three site access options available
  3. Select the Public option
  4. An Update visibility confirmation prompt would be displayed
  5. To proceed with the change, the user has to correctly type in the subdomain of their project in the field provided in the prompt. The project's subdomain would be displayed in the prompt itself


  1. After typing in the sub-domain, click on the Yes option
  2. The knowledge base would be switched to Public

If the knowledge base is being switched from Mixed or Private to Public site access, then all the granular level access permissions would be reset.

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