This bypass option will skip the Document360 standard login page and directly access the SSO login page. This option is available for private projects in which all project members are SSO readers.


If you have both regular and SSO users in your project, Refrain from bypassing the standard Document360 Login page.

When the bypass option is enabled, the team account/readers enter the URL into the browser and hit enter. They would land directly on the SSO login page.

Enabling standard login page bypass

The standard login page bypass can be enabled in the SSO settings page for both standards (SAML or OpenID).

Bypass option visibility

The bypass setting would only be visible on the SSO settings page after an SSO (OpenID or SAML) has been configured with your project.

  1. Go to your desired project in the Knowledge base portal
  2. Click Settings → Users & Security → Enterprise SSO -> SAML/OpenID
  3. Either select the already configured standard (SAML or OpenID) or you can configure a new SSO
  4. When you scroll down, you can find the Advanced settings section
  5. Turn on the toggle of the Enable to bypass Document360 common login page option. The toggle is turned off by default
  6. Click Save

After you perform the above steps, each time the reader enters your knowledge base URL in the browser, they will be taken directly to the SSO login page.


Bypass toggle 'Turned Off'

Regular Document360 or SSO team account/reader keys in the project URL into the browser → Document360 standard login page → Document360 users key in their credentials and hit Login (or) SSO users click on the SSO button, get redirected to the Identity provider login page, keys in the credentials and logs in.

Bypass toggle 'Enabled'

Only SSO team accounts/readers key in the project URL into the browser → Gets redirected to the Identity provider login page, keys in the credentials, and logs in.