What is an article template?

In Document360, you can create or save and use any article as a template for future articles. When creating a new article, the template would import all the properties and predefined formatting.

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, navigate to the "Documentation" page
  2. Access the Article from template option using the More icon (•••) next to a category name or the editor
  3. Choose a template from the list, and you can preview the template content on the right-side pane
  4. Now replace the article name and choose the category for the article
  5. Click the Create button

Your article will be added to the respective category/subcategory with a new Article status Indicator (light-blue dot) to show that it has not been published.

Navigate to Templates overview page

Suppose you want to add, manage, or change any existing template. In that case, you can navigate to the Templates overview page by clicking on the Go to manage templates above the list of templates in the 'Article from template' module.