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  • 11 Jul 2022
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Article Summary

In the Site header section, you can enable/disable the What's new button on the Knowledge base site.

What’s new


  1. The What’s new option is enabled by default
  2. A gift box icon can be seen on the right of the search bar at the top
  3. When readers click on it, a page with the list of recent articles published (new and forked) in the selected version would be displayed
  4. Readers can choose the desired version and language
  5. They can also filter the articles based on Last month, Last week, or Last 24 hours

Enable/Disable 'What’s new' option


  1. Select Settings → Knowledge base site → Article settings
  2. Expand the Site header section at the bottom
  3. By default, the What’s new option would be enabled
  4. Turn off the toggle to disable the What’s new button on your Knowledge base

What's new page slug is /whats-newx

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