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Article Summary

Zendesk is a customer support software that allows businesses to effectively manage customer questions, complaints, or any other support requests. Zendesk's internal knowledge base is that it's an additional part of a larger flagship product rather than a standalone platform.

You need a core knowledge base platform that offers everything you would look for, from a help authoring tool and much more.
With the Document360 knowledge base integrated into your Zendesk platform, your support agents can provide on-point responses to customer queries by searching for and sharing support articles without toggling between different tabs on their browsers. Also, agents can directly create articles on the Document360 knowledge base without leaving the Zendesk environment.

What's new!

Here is the list of new enhancements when compared with the previous integration (Document360 app in the Zendesk window)

  • Project workspace and language selection are available at the top
  • Project name is displayed in full and not truncated
  • Document360's brand color and styling
  • The "Open in Knowledge base" option moved next to the article title
  • Create root-level categories and subcategories from Zendesk
  • The article creation module is similar to the Document360 portal interface
  • When you link an article in a response chat, a "Linked" label appears next to the article
  • The last updated date information is now visible in the article
  • The Document360 quick access icon is available in the Zendesk reply section's toolbar
  • If the search did not bring up any results, the "Create a new article" option is displayed

Basic setup guide

Installing Document360 on Zendesk

Before you can make use of Document360, the app needs to be installed separately on your Zendesk support console. Visit Zendesk and log in to your account.

  1. Click on the Admin option and select Marketplace under Apps
  2. In the newly opened Marketplace tab, type in Document360 in the search bar

  1. Select the app
  2. Select the How To Install tab to view and complete any pre-install tasks

  1. Click the Install button on the top right
  2. If you have multiple accounts, select the intended account and click on Install again

Now, the window prompts you to enter Title, Token, and Roles restriction settings. 

To obtain an API token from Document360, follow the steps below.

Configuring Document360 with Zendesk

Go to the Document360 project dashboard and click on the Settings icon

  1. In Settings → Knowledge base portal → Extensions
  2. You can find the Zendesk assistant under the Helpdesk tab
  3. Click the (+) sign to generate an API token. Copy the generated API token by clicking the clipboard icon next to the token.
    4. Navigate back to Zendesk and the Document360 configuration page after installing the app from the Zendesk marketplace. Type in the title 

In the Token field, paste the copied API token from Document360

  1. Add your preferred restriction settings. By default, this option is disabled
  2. Click the Install button

Feature highlights

Search and share articles on ticket response

While responding to support tickets, you can use the installed Document360 knowledge base app to respond to customers. You can access the knowledge base on the Zendesk environment.


  1. The installed app is available on the  right side of the open ticket response window
  2. Click on the Document360 app
  3. As the Document360 frame loads, you find that Zendesk automatically searches for articles based on the title of the support ticket
  4. You can always type in the search term in the field, and the relevant articles are listed below
  1. If you're sure you've found the article you've searched click on "Link article"
  2. You can always click on the article if you know the title and view it in "Preview" mode
  1. In the preview mode, there would be three options
  2. Below this would be three options
    -Open in Document360, where the article link opens in a new tab
    -Link article would insert the article link in your response message
    -Insert content option would add the entire article content in your response message
  3. This makes it easier and instantaneous for agents responding to customers as they don't have to navigate between tabs
Linked label
Once you link an article to a response, the "Linked" label isn't in the article list. This helps you identify the article that is already linked in the conversation.

Create an article on the Knowledge base from Zendesk

You or any of your support agents can create articles in your knowledge base. There is no need for additional team accounts; any agent can create new content directly from Zendesk.


  1. Just click on the Create an article option in the Document360 app frame or click on the "+" (plus) icon
  2. Now add the title of the article and select the category or subcategory you want to place the new article

    Create categories and subcategories
    You can now create root-level categories and subcategories on your knowledge base from Zendesk.

  1. You can author the content of your article in the Markdown editor
  2. Article body editor
    -Basic text formatting: Headings- H2 and H3, Bold, Italics, Ordered List, and Unordered List
    -Insert: Code block, Hyperlink, Image

The article is created in a draft state, allowing your editors to review and enhance it before publishing it on the knowledge base.

Document360 quick-launch in the reply window

You can find the Document360 icon for quick-launch in the reply "i"down of Zendesk. Click on the "D" logo, and the module opens.


  1. Select the Document360 workspace and language you want to refer
  2. The relevant articles appear when you use the search
  3. From this window, you can either
    "Link article" (Share the article's Document360 URL)
    "Insert article" (Inserts the article's content in the response)
  4. Click on the "+" (plus) icon to create articles for your Document360 Knowledge base from Zendesk

Removing Document360 from Zendesk

To uninstall a configured Document360 application from Zendesk, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the My Apps page in Support.
  2. You can find the list of apps currently installed
  3. Hover over the Document360 app
  4. Click the app options icon and select Uninstall.
  5. In the Uninstall App window, click the Uninstall App button.

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