Team account overview page
  • 03 Nov 2022
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Team account overview page

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Article Summary

Team accounts are the contributors to the knowledge base. They can view and manage the content of a knowledge base as per their roles and access.

What is a team account?

A Team account is an end-user who must log in with their credentials to access and manage the knowledge base's version(s), language(s), categories, and articles.

Team account attributes

A team account in Document360:

  • Can be a regular team account or SSO (Single Sign-On) team account
  • Can be assigned a portal role, content role, and content access
  • Can access the Knowledge base portal and site as per their assigned roles and access
  • Can be associated with one or more team account groups

Accessing the Team account overview page


From the knowledge base portal, click on SettingsUsers & SecurityTeam accounts & groups and the Team account tab would be the default selection.

Team account overview page elements

2_Screenshot_Accessing team accounts and groups

1. Team accounts used

You can find the limit for the team accounts in the project and the number of team accounts used. However, you can buy more team accounts as per your requirements. Want to know about buying more team accounts? Visit buying more team accounts.

2. Managing team account

The New team account, Import team account, and Export CSV buttons can be found on the right. The functions that these buttons perform are self-explanatory. However, you can find detailed information about these functions in the Managing team account.

3. Team account search

You can search for team accounts with their email. Type the search term in the search bar and press the Enter/Return key, then the result is populated.

4. Team accounts list

This section provides an overview and a list of all available team accounts in your knowledge base project.
The information available here are:

  • Profile image of the team account
  • Name and email
  • Portal role
  • Last login activity

3_Screenshot_Team accounts list

a. Name: The name and email of the team account are shown here. If the name of the team account is not provided, only the email would appear
b. Portal role: The role of the team account would appear here. By default, the team accounts can be assigned as Contributor, Owner, or Admin. You can also add custom roles and customize them as per your requirements. Want to know more about portal roles, visit Portal role

The Owner and Admin can assign any role to a team account by default.

c. Login information: The last login details of the team account such as date and time (UTC) appears here
d. Other options: When you hover over any team account, a blade appears with the below options:

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Send verification & Invitation email
  • Email history
  • View Permission

How long does a team account stay logged in without any activity?

If the Knowledge base portal is left idle for 2 hours, the screen displays a warning prompt with a 60-second timer with the option (Stay logged in and Log out). After which the project would have an overlay, and you have to hit the Refresh button displayed on your project screen to continue.

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