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Document360 allows you to extend your Knowledge base with CSS (Custom Style Sheets) and JavaScript. Custom CSS and JavaScript can play a significant role in designing a knowledge base by allowing you to customize the visual appearance and functionality.

Custom CSS

Accessing Custom CSS

1_Screenshot-Accessing_custom _css

  1. Click SettingsKnowledge base siteCustom CSS & JavaScriptCustom CSS
  2. Update the desired snippet in the window

You can also use the available CSS snippets.

  1. Click Save

CSS snippets

There are several pre-defined editable CSS snippets you can utilize in this section.

How to insert the CSS snippet?

2_Screenshot-Accessing_custom _css_snippets

  1. Click the Snippets button
  2. Select the desired code snippet in the Code snippets blade
  3. The selected CSS snippet will be inserted into the window
  4. Update the CSS
  5. Click Save
Custom HTML and Custom footer

Custom CSS can be used along with the Custom HTML Section in the Home Page Builder and the Custom Footer in the Navigations section in the Settings (Knowledge base site). Define colors, fonts, layout, and variations to customize the theme and look of your Knowledge base and Article.

Custom JavaScript

Accessing Custom JavaScript

3_Screenshot-Accessing_custom _javascript

  1. Click SettingsKnowledge base siteCustom CSS & JavaScriptCustom JavaScript
  2. Update the desired script in the window
  3. Click Save