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  • 15 Dec 2022
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Article right

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Article Summary

Accessing Article right

In this section, you can choose the details displayed in the right sidebar of articles on the knowledge base site.

  1. From the Knowledge base portal, go to SettingsKnowledge base siteArticle settings & SEOArticle settings

  2. Under Article right, you can access the below options:

    • Show table of contents
    • Show article tags

Not to be confused with a similar section Article right or bottom when you scroll the page a bit further down.

Changes made in Article right settings would be applied to every version's article and category page in the project.


Show table of contents

When enabled using the toggle switch(on/off), a table of contents with H2, H3, and H4 will display the knowledge base site. You can enable or disable the desired heading tags.

For example, you can make only your H2 headings appear in the table of contents. Enable only H2 in this section.

The H3 and H4 can be enabled only when the subsequent parent tab is enabled.

For example, to enable H4, H3 should also be enabled.

Why is H1 not listed?

In Document360, H1 is applied to the article/category page titles. Hence the heading starts from H2.


You can also configure the table of contents visibility settings on individual article/category pages. Know how

Show article tags

When the toggle control for Tags is enabled, if the article has any tags, it is displayed above the table of contents.

Learn how to add article tags in adding article tags.


How to localize the variables text that appears at the right sidebar of the article?

You can localize the below two variables text that appears on the right side of the article:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Tags


  1. Go to SettingsKnowledge base portalLocalization & VersionsLocalization variables
  2. Select the desired language in the Select language section
  3. Expand the Article right section
  4. Update the desired text(s)

By default, the variables' texts are localized to the respective language.

  1. Click Save


The Localization variables are not to be confused with the Content reuse (Variables and Snippets) in Document360.

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