Settings - Full portal search
  • 03 May 2023
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Settings - Full portal search

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Article Summary

The Settings - Full portal search page serves as a dedicated space to search through various features and settings available on the knowledge base portal.

Accessing the Settings - Full portal search page

  1. Click on the search icon on the left-side main menu to access the Full portal search
  2. The full portal search page appears as an overlay window


  1. Click on the minimize button on the top right to retract this screen
  2. Select the Settings tab below the search bar
  3. All the available settings that your team account has access permission are displayed
  4. The settings are grouped under four main grouping
  • Knowledge base portal
  • Knowledge base site
  • Knowledge base assistant
  • Users & Security
  1. Type in the search keyword in the search bar
  2. The relevant search result would be populated in Grid view
Change view style is not available
  1. The search results would show the following information for settings
    • Setting/feature name
    • Icon
    • Small description about the feature
  2. Click on the intended setting tile, and the page navigated to the respective settings page

For example, when you search for Payment information and click on the search result, you are navigated to the Billing page in settings.

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