Review reminder
  • 06 Jun 2022
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Review reminder

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Article Summary

Review reminders help team accounts deliver the most accurate information to customers and internal teams by alerting project members when an article is ready for review. This helps to keep your article up to date.

Review reminder

Create and apply review reminders to flag an article for review immediately, or set the review reminder to trigger on a specified date. You can also apply a review reminder individually or apply it to a group of articles.

When an article needs review, a red dot (article status indicator) will show on the left of each article title in the documentation editor.


Creating a review reminder for an article from the documentation editor

  1. Go to an article, click on the article settings on the right
  2. Scroll down the list of menus, find the Review reminder section and expand it
  3. Enter a reason for the review. Make sure it's descriptive enough to provide context for the team member who will be tasked with reviewing the article. This field is optional
  4. Select a date for the reminder to trigger (Now, 30 days, 3 months, or Custom date)
  5. Click Save


A Needs review tag would appear next to the article slug in the Documentation editor. When team members hover over the 'Needs review' tag they can view the reason for review (if given)


Clearing a review reminder

Once an article in need of review has been edited and updated

  1. Click the Needs review tag at the top of the article editor
  2. Click Mark as reviewed


The 'Needs review' tag is removed, and the article status indicator would be reverted to the updated/draft/new status.

Managing review reminders in Bulk

Applying a reminder to multiple articles at a time

Instead of individually applying a review reminder to multiple articles, project admins can apply one reminder to a group of articles.


  1. Go to Content tools → Documentation → Article Review Reminders and click on the Add reminder
  2. Enter a name for the reminder
  3. Select how often the reminder will repeat (2 weeks, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
  4. In the Select Articles dropdown:
    • Select the desired Project version
    • Select the desiredlanguage
    • Filter the desired articles with the below options in the Apply filters section:
      • Author
      • Category
      • Date
      • Tags


  1. In the Reminder recipients dropdown, select which Team member(s) will receive an email notification letting them know that the article needs review


No recipient selected

If no team member is selected as a recipient of the email review reminder notification, the team members would not receive this notification. However, the article(s) would be marked for review.

  1. Click Add.

You can also add review reminders to a group of articles with Bulk Operations

View all the 'Needs Review' articles

You can see every article with an active "Needs review" state within bulk operations.

  1. Go to Content tools → Bulk Operations
  2. Click on the Review required filter on the left
  3. The articles that need review would be listed


Marking multiple articles as "Reviewed" or "Needs review"

You can mark multiple articles that need review as "reviewed" or vice versa using bulk operations.


  1. Go to Content tools → Bulk Operations
  2. In the filter option, select the Review reminder dropdown and select Stale
  3. Select the articles you want to mark as reviewed
  4. Click the Mark Reviewed option at the top
  5. Similarly, you can mark multiple articles as Needs review by selecting the articles and clicking on the Review reminder button at the top

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